About Craters Campsite & Country Lodge

Venue for camping, accomodation in laxarious cottages, retreat & picnics; presence of acacia & fig trees: motto: ” where Nature & Relaxation meet.

Craters campsite & Country Lodge is “where nature and relaxation meet”. It derives its name from the 52 crater lakes of Bunyaruguru, that are within walking distances from the camp.

Evergreen expansive area full of natural fig and acacia trees that not only provide shade for campers and retreat goers, but also to some birds. Some bird species have found craters a natural habitat too. This facility provides camping and accomodation at budget prices, ideal for budget tourists, back parkers, retreat and picnic goers, corporate meetings etc. the round cottages have a finishing of an African touch with log work everywhere. From the comfort of the cottages, get views of the national park and the community environ.

The camp is conveniently located near Ishasha where there are climbing lions, near Kyambura gorge, the home for chimpanzees and is surrounded by close to 52 crater lakes, formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity

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